Our Just-In-Time Renovations technicians are experts at installing carpet. While some carpet can be installed by a savvy do-it-yourselfer, a professional installer offers many benefits and is encouraged for most large or multi-room jobs.

Just-In-Time Renovations ImagesWe Are Fast
With professional installation, you can enjoy your new floors fast sometimes the very next day. Because of our experience, our installers can knock out a project in a fraction of the time it takes the average homeowner.

Don't break your back!
We leave your home how we found it or better. You don't have to worry about renting specialized equipment which will ruin your lawn, or getting injured moving heavy flooring and supplies. Leave it to us.

We ONLY use Trusted Methods and Materials
Carpet installation, like many home projects, involves a lot of small choices and requirements which can add up to one big headache. By using trusted companies like Mohawk carpets, we can maintain a level of quality and installation.

What can you carpet?
Anything, more or less! Stairs, rooms and even walls can be covered in different types of carpet depending on your budget and desired outcome.

Carpet installation is more than laying some carpet rolls!
Our installers know how to test and prepare your subfloor to ensure good results. We know how to measure and lay out flooring designs properly. Just-In-Time Renovations has the tools and expertise to provide professional detail work around doorways and fixtures. Finally, we install your carpet according to manufacturers directions, ensuring proper performance and maintaining your full manufacturer's warranties.

Not sure how to maintain your carpet ask us!
Our installers will also give you instructions for cleaning and maintaining your new carpet.
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