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Empire Slate

The Traditional Beauty of Slate with the Durability and Proven Protection of a Synthetic

An affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to natural slate, EcoStars Empire Slate captures the traditional beauty of slate roof tiles while providing the durability and proven protection of a synthetic. Empire Slate is manufactured with 25% post-industrial recycled content to create a lightweight and environmentally responsible alternative to natural slate. Empire tiles are proven to protect against the most extreme elements such as rain, hail, snow, fire, extreme temperatures change and UV sunlight.

Product Offering

Many unique shapes and designs have been seen in slate roofing throughout history. EcoStar offers Empire Slate in five tile shapes, along with Hip & Ridge, for endless opportunities to create unique and custom designs for any residential or commercial project. Whether your design calls for a traditional Georgian, modern bungalow, or contemporary ranch, our Empire tile line has the perfect combination of options to enhance the personality of your architectural style.

Just-In-Time Renovations Images

12" Traditional

The classic look of the 12" Traditional tile provides beauty and architectural appeal to any building.

Just-In-Time Renovations Images

10" Traditional

The same look and appeal of the 12" Traditional in a smaller size for additional customization.

Just-In-Time Renovations Images

Beaver Tail

The rounded look makes this classic slate tile perfect for designing unique roof patterns or creating a true carriage house appeal.

Just-In-Time Renovations Images

Beveled Edge

The look of scalloped edges in a hexagonal pattern makes beveled edge tiles a classic.

Just-In-Time Renovations Images

Chisel Point

Chisel Point tiles form a beautiful diamond pattern on the roof, reminiscent of European roof designs

Just-In-Time Renovations Images

Hip & Ridge

Empire Slate Hip and Ridge is designed to provide the look of natural stone slate in the ridge and hip portions of the roof.

Just-In-Time Renovations Images

Random Width Blend

Empire Slate Random-Width Blend is an even blend of 6", 9" and 12" synthetic slate tiles, which provides unparalleled beauty.

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