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7 Tips When Remodeling Your Basement

A basement can add space to your home and provide an extra place to entertain, hang out with the family, or just relax. Here are some things to know and consider about basement remodeling in Prince Georges County.

Control Moisture

Moisture management in your basement is necessary for any type of remodeling, including putting in carpeting. It takes some work to get moisture under control, but remodeling specialists can help. For example, water-lock paint, caulk, and dehumidifiers go a long way.

Figure Out What You Want to Use the Basement For

Basements usually do not get much light, so they are good for home gyms, home theaters, and the like. A basement can be a fun place to entertain and relax and, with little light getting in, the ambiance is great for that.

Plan Wall Systems Well

Basement walls usually are not necessary for structural reasons. However, they can be helpful for temperature control, room divisions, electrical wire installation, and aesthetics. You probably should choose steel studs for your walls due to their size and anti-moisture properties. Avoid fiberglass insulation for mold reasons, too, and may try going with foam.

Create an Electrical Plan

Bathrooms and other types of rooms in the basement should follow electrical codes. That could mean ground fault circuit interrupters, lighting circuits, and bathroom exhaust fan circuits.

Plan Out Heating and Cooling

It is possible but unlikely that the heating and cooling in your basement will automatically meet your needs. You may want electrical baseboard heaters for a quick boost of heat, for example.

Don’t Forget About Building Codes/Requirements

One requirement relates to egress (exit) points, especially with a bedroom in the basement. A window may be necessary to meet fire egress codes.

Make a Plan for Lighting

Recessed lights tend to work well in basements. Do plan to include more lighting than you think you need. Basements get darker than people realize, and you don’t have to use all the lights at once.

Are You Doing Basement Remodeling in Prince Georges County?

There is a lot to remember when planning a basement remodel. Let the professionals help. Contact Just-In-Time Renovations for more information on basement remodeling in Prince Georges County. We also offer flooring, siding, and roofing.

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