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How To Clean Your Vinyl Siding This Spring

Spring is coming! While many people may create a spring cleaning list for the inside of their house, they may not consider what needs to be cleaned on the outside of their home. Between the rain and snow during the winter, your siding can get pretty dirty. Here are some tips from siding installers in Anne Arundel County about how to clean your home’s vinyl siding this spring.

How Does My Siding Get So Dirty?

Exposure to rain, snow, pollen, air pollution, bird droppings, and more all contribute to the dirt that builds on your vinyl siding. Mold, mildew, fungus, algae, and soot can also contribute to the dirty siding.

How Do I Clean My Siding?

It is not recommended that you use a power washer to clean your siding. Power washers are great for driveways, decks, sidewalks, but should be avoided on vinyl siding. This is because the high pressure can cause damage to your siding which can cause water infiltration and intrusion. You may even incur more expenses in repairs if you use a power washer, so why take chances?

A long garden hose to rinse off the cleaned areas, a soft-bristled broom, or scrub brush works well to clean your siding. Choose one with a long handle or extendable handle so that you can reach all of the areas of your house.

If you would like to add cleaner to the water, choose a non-harsh soap such as dish soap, or something similar. It works great on the dirt and is easy on your siding’s protective coating. For mold and mildew, a mix of 30% white vinegar and 70% water will work well to remove it. It is important to avoid harsh cleaners such as undiluted chlorine bleach, paint thinner, furniture cleaner, acetone (aka nail polish remover), and any kind of spot remover. These can seriously damage your siding.

You’ll need a bucket to mix your cleaner and bring it along as you move through your project. The five-gallon buckets they sell at the home centers are perfect. They’re tough, and you can mix enough cleaner to get through sizable sections of your siding.

After mixing the cleaner with water in your bucket, use your long brush to lightly scrub your siding by moving in sections until the whole house has been cleaned. Next, use your hose on a low setting to wash away any soap that’s leftover. If you would like to dry any sections, use a microfiber towel similar to one that you would use to dry a car’s surface.

As you’re cleaning, if you notice that it’s time for new siding, contact Just-IN-Time Renovations for a free estimate.


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