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How Your Roof Can Help You Achieve the Farmhouse Look

As more homes are being built, the farmhouse design is growing increasingly popular. People are looking at ways to incorporate the rustic feel of a farmhouse with the modern conveniences of daily living in a home that is functional while being aesthetically pleasing. One way to achieve the farmhouse look for your home is your roof. Just-in-Time Renovations, your roofing company in Prince George’s County, can help you get that beautiful farmhouse look with a new roof.

Farmhouse Feel/Different Approaches

When looking at your roof, there are a couple of approaches you can take to get the farmhouse feel. You can opt for a more traditional look with a more rustic design, or you can go for modern farmhouse lines for a more contemporary feel.

Traditional Look

If you want a more traditional look to your farmhouse roof, opt for materials such as wood shake, giving your home an aged, settled appearance. Historically, homes were roofed using the same materials as the barn roofs for a uniform appearance. As metals were incorporated in barns as roofing materials, these same metal roofs were placed on farmhouses.

Modern Look

Metal is often used for the modern farmhouse look when choosing roofing materials. Metal roofs can be standing seam (where metal is custom fit to your home) and can be smooth, ribbed, or striated. Standing seam metal roofs are the most popular because of their durability and sustainability.

If you want the look of wood shake with the durability of metal, opt for impressed metals. These have the same beautiful, rustic look as wood without the dangers of increased fire hazards or rot/deterioration that wood experiences.

Slate is another option for a modern farmhouse look, but slate roofs are very heavy, and the costs involved in installation can quickly add up.

Contact a Roofing Company in Prince George’s County

Your home’s roof is an important feature, not just for how it adds to the beauty of your structure, but for how it protects you and your belongings. Just-in-Time Renovations, your roofing company in Prince George’s County, is ready to help you get the best farmhouse roof for your home. Call Just-in-Time Renovations today to learn more about metal, asphalt, slate, or cedar shake roofing.

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