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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Now that spring is here, you might plant some fresh flowers, work on cleaning things up, and perhaps even work on roof maintenance items. Springtime brings a long list of chores along with its warmer temperatures and local roofers in Prince George’s County advise you to add roof maintenance to your list.

Clean Your Gutters

There’s a lot of debris that can build up in the gutters over the winter months. You might have clogs from leaves, dirt, and other things that have flown around during that time. Clean your gutters out so when the spring rains hit, you are able to allow the water to flow through in the right manner.

Inspect Shingles

Shingles can take a beating over the winter months. From a safe sport on the ground, look out for any curling, missing, or just plain worn-out shingles. While you may think you just need a repair, if your roof is old enough or if the damage is severe enough, it may be time for a new roof.

Watch for Algae and Mold

You don’t want your roof to collect mold or algae, as it is hard to get rid of and it can damage the roofing materials. If you find growth, you will need to remove the mold and possibly replace the roofing materials.

Document Any Damage

Documenting roof damage is important, not only for your own records but for insurance claims, should you need to make one. It’s also a great way to accurately report any roofing issues to your local roofer.

If There is Significant Damage, Consider a Roof Replacement

You can see some things from the ground, but you should not get up on the roof and climb around. This should only be done by professionals who can recommend a full replacement if the damage or age of your roof warrants it.

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