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The Importance of Roofing Underlayment

Your roof protects your home and everything and everyone under it, so a well-functioning roof is vital to a healthy home. The roofing underlayment adds another level of protection to your roof giving you peace of mind. Just-in-Time Renovations, your roofer in Anne Arundel County, can inspect your roof and make any repairs or replacements needed.

What is Underlayment?

Underlayment is the section of the roof between the decking (sheathing) and the outer layer. Underlayment attaches directly to the decking materials to provide structure and support to your roof.

Types of Underlayment

There are various types of underlayment including felt, self-adhered, and synthetic. Your roofer will discuss what is best for your home.


Traditionally referred to as tar paper, felt underlayment works well with slate or tile shingles. It comes in two weights (15 and 30) with 30 being stronger and more durable.


Due to its material makeup, this underlayment is more water-resistant than felt. This is great for regions with harsher winters.


With its ability to resist mold, tears, and moisture, this has become a popular underlayment option for many homeowners.

Why Underlayment is Necessary

Underlayment not only provides structure to your roof but is also an added layer of protection. If water gets under the shingles, your underlayment will provide an extra moisture barrier to slow the spread of water, protecting the structure from water damage.

In areas where storms can tear shingles from roofs, the underlayment protects the structure until shingles can be replaced. During colder months, ice dams can form that damage shingles or tear them off the roof, but the underlayment can help protect against this issue.

Underlayment protects the decking and underlying structure until shingles can be applied. Building codes require some type of underlayment to be applied when a roof is installed or replaced. It also is an essential part of your roof’s warranty as a requirement by shingle manufacturers.

Learn More From a Roofer in Anne Arundel County

Protecting your home starts with a sound roof. You want to make sure your roof is doing its job effectively, so underlayment is essential to proper roof functioning. A contractor can discuss the best underlayment for your structure. Call Just-in-Time Renovations, your roofer in Anne Arundel County, today for your roofing needs.

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