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The Lifespan of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs have been a popular roofing option for residential and commercial buildings for a long time. Many factors go into the lifespan of a metal roof, but the roofs typically last 40 to 70 years. Some even make it up to 100 years, especially if they have copper materials. Here’s the scoop on the top things affecting the lifespan of metal roofs from roofing contractors in Howard County.

Factors That Affect Metal Roofs’ Lifespan

Let’s look at weather, maintenance, and proper installation.

  • Weather: Metal roofs in mild climates last longer than roofs in places with high winds or extreme snowfalls. Metal stands up well, no doubt, but harsh weather does take a toll with natural wear and tear.
  • Maintenance: Preventative approaches such as gutter cleaning, debris clearing, and visual roof inspections once or twice yearly can add years or decades to a roof’s longevity.
  • Proper installation: Roofs that are incorrectly installed, whether they are metal or not, are at higher risk of leaks, cracks, and a shortened lifespan. For best results, opt for professional installation.

Characteristics That Make Metal Roofs Last

So, why do metal roofs last so long? It is because they are durable and pest-resistant, and feature tough components.

  • Durable: Metal roofs rise to the top even in tough weather conditions. They’re tough and unflappable, earning great ratings for wind uplift resistance, heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, and impact resistance.
  • Pest resistant: Pests may nose around roofs with wood shingles and shakes but not metal.
  • Tough components: Roofing systems have become more advanced in the past few decades. Metal roofs are complete systems, not individual parts jimmied together and left to fare on their own. Fasteners, clip systems, metal panels, trim, and more all contribute to a metal roof’s resilience.

Longevity is a great benefit of metal roofs among other benefits such as energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Metal roofs are also attractive and stylish.

Roofing Contractors in Howard County Can Help

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