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Everything You Need to Know About Stone Veneer Siding: Tips from Siding Installers in Howard County

Whether you’re interested in boosting your home’s curb appeal or you’re looking for a classic and unique siding option for your home, stone veneer siding is an excellent choice. Stone veneer, also known as stone cladding or stone siding, is a thin layer of stone or stone-like material that’s added to your home to add visual interest. Since the pieces are cut thinly from real stone or stone-like materials, stone veneer provides you with stone’s beautiful appearance without the weight of the full-bed rock. If you need siding installers in Howard County to install stone veneer on your home, rely on the experts at Just-IN-Time Renovations.

The Different Types of Stone Veneer

Three types of stone veneers that Just-IN-Time Renovations offers are natural thin stone veneer, faux stone veneer, and full bed veneer. Natural thin stone veneer is a real stone manufactured from stone quarries, mountains, and riverbeds. It provides a more polished look than raw stone while maintaining its elegance. Faux stone veneer is man-made to mimic real stone with a combination of pigment, natural minerals, and cement. Full bed veneer is just like natural thin stone veneer except it has a thicker cut.

The Benefits of Choosing Stone Veneer Siding for Your Home

While real stone blocks are very expensive and heavy, stone veers are more affordable and lightweight. This means installation is much quicker and requires a contractor rather than a mason. They’re also fire-resistant, amazingly durable, low maintenance, and eco-friendly. When they’re properly installed, they can last from 20 to 75 years. Lastly, stone veneer options are available in various colors and styles such as cut stone, stack stone, limestone, river stone, fieldstone, and ledgestone so there’s an option that meets your particular taste. Ready to have your new siding installed? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Just-In-Time Renovations.

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