Roofing in Annapolis with Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most common material and there are several reasons for this. Asphalt shingles are simple to install and need little upkeep. On the other side, fiberglass shingles are fire-resistant. Both fiberglass and asphalt roofing shingles come in a variety of colors and characteristics.

Asphalt shingles are fairly affordable; they start around $1.20 to $4 per square foot and rise in price depending on a variety of criteria such as the roof’s height, geographical circumstances, and slope. They are low-cost and have a 15- to 20-year lifespan. Of course, other elements such as the shingle’s quality, thickness, and care play a role in the shingle’s lifespan.

The weather has a significant impact on the shingle’s lifespan. They tend to spoil more quickly in warmer temperatures. It is critical that you hire the right person to install your roof. Installing a new roof is costly, and if the roofer is inexperienced, he may damage the roof, causing you to have ongoing problems. Anyone can establish a roofing company, but only a few people have the requisite knowledge and skills. Here are some recommendations about what to look for in an excellent roofer.

How Do You Choose a Good Roofer in Annapolis?

To begin, a good roofing contractor must have previous experience. Expertise matters in this profession and a roofer with at least 15 years of experience is the finest. An inexperienced craftsman will not have the same level of expertise as an experienced one.

Next, make sure that the roofer of your choice is available; if they are not, there is no use in waiting for them if you require quick roof repairs. A good roofer will always be able to provide you with references from prior jobs he has completed. If they say they cannot, it is most likely because they are hiding something. Check out the references after you have received them.

After you have viewed the roofs and determined that they are in good shape, you will need to contact at least two of the roofer’s references. You should inquire if they are pleased with the roofing service’s job and if they would hire them again. Next, inquire as to whether their roof has ever leaked, and if so, did the roofing contractor respond quickly to the leak and charge for it? Did they complete the work in a professional manner, without causing any damage to your property, and within your budget?

You should also inquire about their liability insurance, which should cover at least $1 million in addition to the workman’s compensation!!!

When you engage with an Annapolis roofing contractor, you should discuss how the new roof will be installed with him. Are they going to put it on top of the old one or lay a new one down? You should not have more than two layers of shingles and you should not install another layer on top of a curled or damaged roof without first removing the damaged shingles.

You should also be aware of the roofing’s warranty period. It should last at least a year, but three years or more is always better. Inquire about the shingles he intends to use as well. You are welcome to inquire about its quality and any other pertinent information. Do not forget to talk about the trash. You must understand how and who will eliminate the waste, as well as how he will safeguard your plants, lawn, and driveway while on the job. Last but not least, don’t forget to talk about the payment schedule.

You must also enquire if the underneath plywood decking needs to be replaced. Do not get it replaced if it is in perfect condition. Also, get the roof jacks and pipe boots checked. Therefore, get all the relevant information and select a roofer only when you are fully convinced of his capabilities.

As a certified roofing contractor in Annapolis, we take great pride in maintaining customer satisfaction for all types of new roof installation and roof repair work for residential and commercial roofing accounts. For further information or to book a free inspection and estimate, please contact us at (443) 960-5513.

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