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We offer an exceptionally broad range of standing seam metal roof and wall panel profiles, panel widths and finishes to meet any design objective. With one of the most technically advanced paint-lines in the world, all of our 26 ULTRA-Cool finishes are low-gloss, environmentally friendly, Energy Star compliant and 20 of those finishes are LEED-compliant, and backed by widely recognized product testing, the best warranties in the industry, and engineering expertise.

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Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing - architectural metal roof - Just-in-Time Renovations


Standing seam metal roofs have long been popular for their aesthetics and long-term performance characteristics, particularly their strength, durability and low maintenance costs.


Metal is elegant--there's real beauty and character in a standing seam roof. It articulates a classic way of thinking about design, from the principles used to tailor it, to the manner in which it is used, to the other building products and systems it embraces.


Standing seam metal roofs are synonymous with strength and durability and are known to have a service life of 50 years and more. Consequently, the life cycle costs are substantially lower than conventional roofing materials, making a metal roof an extremely cost effective roofing solution.

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