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What Siding Colors Are on Trend for 2022?

One of your 2022 home goals might be installing new siding onto your home. With the new year, comes a whole new set of on-trend siding colors to choose from. Before you call siding installers in Anne Arundel County, you may want to research current siding color trends and start thinking about what colors would be best for your home.

The Timeless White

White is a classic color for siding that will always be popular. Because it is such a classic siding color, odds are it will look good on your home for years to come. White also has the added benefit of making your home look larger and gives your home a very fresh, clean appearance. You can also count on it looking good with just about any trim color you choose.

Cheery Yellow

2021 saw a rise in the use of colored siding and an increase in the popularity of yellow, a cheerful color that people are using to brighten their homes and their lives. Yellow gives a coveted curb appeal and you can range from a creamy tone to something more bold. Combining yellow with white trim can be a nice, contemporary pairing.

A Neutral Green

Green is the hot color of 2022 and was chosen as the color of the year by several major paint brands. Green is almost like a neutral color because it is so natural and fits in well with lots of different surroundings. Your property can have a peaceful, natural appeal that fits in and maintains a sense of calm while setting the house apart from others.

Gray is the New White

Gray is a natural, trending color that can range in undertones a great deal. It makes a quiet statement and is a color that fits in with most architectural styles.

Calming Brown

Brown is a calming color that can also be very striking and can work well with natural materials. It’s a great way to refresh a home’s exterior and is a nice alternative to gray as a neutral color.

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